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For all the faves and comments...


I-I-It's not like I faved your picture because I liked it or something! Jeez! Just go away! Idiot!

...Why are you leaving? What, no, I don't care about you. But don't leave. AAAH, I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND! JUST SHUT UP, STUPID DOG!

*Loveon in no way means anything s/he said*

Huh? My gender? GO AWAY!

But seriously, I'm just kidding, I'm not tsundere, I swear.


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J-Jeez! It's not like I want you to donate to me or anything!

Doing the tsundere thing again Loveon? Why, yes, yes I am.

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So I came up with an idea today.

Draw all the trainer classes in XY... using my OCs, both for Pokemon and not for Pokemon.

I thought it'd be a fun idea, but when I looked up the listings for the trainer classes in XY, I was a bit frightened by the amount of them... I still think it might be a fun project to do. I have no ideas on what to draw, even though I make a habit of doing at least a sketch a day.

I don't expect anyone to reply to this. If I decide to do it, well... I'll create a journal to keep track of my progress.

I already know who's going to be the Youngster class, heheh...
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Greetings, grasshoppers. Or mantises. What's the plural form of mantis? Manti?

...Yeah, you know what, forget about it.

Favorite Shows/Games/Things: Pokemon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Negima (the ending sucked, though)
Favorite Pokemon Shippings: I ship everything. And I have a special fondness for crack pairings.

Requests are open. Just note me about it. If you want me to draw an OC of yours, please provide a reference. Also, I don't charge for requests. And a fair warning: I can't draw animals or Pokemon to save my life. I can try but it's going to look very messed up. :\ Just to let you know.


Pixiv link:…
Fan-fiction link:

...That's all, folks.

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